NAVIGATE Betrayal helps wives facing the devastation of their husband’s pornography use, affairs, and other problematic sexual behaviors. The feelings of pain, grief, and trauma can be overwhelming. This online spouse program was created by wives who have experienced this type of betrayal and experts in diverse disciplines to help you navigate your way through the darkness of infidelity and into the light of hope and healing. 

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This retreat will help you face your situation, take positive action, and begin to heal the hurts.

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The RECLAIM Sexual Health ORIGINAL ONLINE RECOVERY PROGRAM provides a unique integration of Theology of the Body, The Brain Science of Behavior Change, proven cognitive tools, accountability, group support, faith practices, and prayer all in one online community. Working at your own pace in an anonymous and safe environment, you can begin to change your unhealthy sexual behaviors and reclaim God's original plan for your life and your sexuality.

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