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NAVIGATE Betrayal is an online learning management program for women made by women who understand the pain of infidelity.  Although this program incorporates teachings and insights from experts, it is not meant to be a substitute for professional evaluation, therapy, spiritual direction, or legal advice.

For many years, Jeannie Hannemann, M.A., professionally supported women who were suffering from the pain of a husband's pornography use, masturbation, or other forms of infidelity.  Jeannie was a sought-after confidant because she also knew the trauma of intimacy betrayal in her own marriage.  Jeannie and her husband Bruce are the Directors of RECLAIM Sexual Health, an online healing program for those who struggle with unhealthy sexual behaviors and are co-founders of Elizabeth Ministry International.  NAVIGATE Betrayal collaborates with those two organizations in encouraging, educating, and equipping those in need. 

Numerous women whose lives have been shattered by betrayal have joined Jeannie in creating this resource.  You will hear the stories of these women throughout NAVIGATE Betrayal.  Some share their story in their own words.  We used fictitious names for those that requested anonymity, but still desire to use their stories to help others by sharing their written stories.  Some testimonies are composites of multiple women sharing similar experiences and insights.  Through this sharing, we are building a community of women who support one another navigating the pain and problems of sexual betrayal.

This program is based on lived experiences, soul-searching reflection, and extensive research.  The information in NAVIGATE Betrayal is meant to provide validation, support, and understanding.  It is our desire to be an aid to you in your healing and recovery.  Watching the stories of spouses who have experienced infidelity through a trauma lens and learning about the growing opinion of betrayal trauma from experts will help to validate your experience.  Along with the practical woman-to-woman advice, this program is based on well-researched work of professionals in related fields.  These experts contributed by appearing in the videos, contributing written content, and serving as consultants.

Over 100 religious communities around the United States join us in praying daily for all those who have enrolled in NAVIGATE Betrayal.  Members of NAVIGATE Betrayal can request specific prayer intentions and be assured that they are brought before the Blessed Sacrament.

Under the guidance of Bishop David Ricken, the Elizabeth Ministry International's ecclesial advisor, NAVIGATE Betrayal is faithful to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.  NAVIGATE Betrayal is in the process of obtaining an imprimatur.   Bishop Ricken has consecrated all our outreach programs to Our Lady of Champion.  We encourage you to make a pilgrimage to the National Shrine of Our Lady of Champion, located in the Diocese of Green Bay, as part of your healing journey when you make a NAVIGATE Retreat.

You are invited to stay at our Retreat and Respite Center during your pilgrimage.

Elizabeth Ministry's Zechariah House is a beautiful center located 30 minutes from the Shrine. Our pilgrimage directors will take you to the Shrine, provide a beautiful experience that includes free continental breakfast, a talk about the history of the Shrine, and so much more. You can design your experience the way you want while we provide a place of peace and comfort during your stay. Accommodations are available by visiting www.elizabethministry.com/book-a-room. 

Please email [email protected]¬†for more information.¬†

Our respite and retreat center also provides a quiet place to get away and spend time in prayer and contemplation. You are welcome anytime. 


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