Frequently Asked Questions

To log into the program, please click the "Member Login" button.  It will direct you to a log in page.  It will ask you to enter a username and password. 

Your username is your email address and your password was given to you in the initial sign up email you received.  

Once you are logged in to your NAVIGATE account, click on the upper right avatar.  Select "settings" from the drop down menu.  

Under "Profile Settings" you may enter a different "full name" which will be seen as your username.

To change your password, scroll down to "Password."  It will show your current password and allow you to create a new password. 

There are 12 Units.  Each Unit has anywhere from 5-12 Modules.  Videos vary in length from short clips to extended lessons and personal stories. 

The format allows you to watch one video at a time before you can open the next video link. 

Once you have watched a video, however, you may re-watch it at any time.

To protect your identity, you may chose not to use your real name.  We understand and support your choice to do so. 

You may also choose to open a new email account to access this program without using your family or work email account.

For more information on how to change your username, view "How do I log into the NAVIGATE Betrayal Online Recovery Program once I sign up?"

Yes.  We are faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and are seeking an Imprimatur.  For more information please check out our "Why We're Catholic" page.

No!  Although we are Roman Catholic in outlook and origin, we invite all betrayed women to join. 

The NAVIGATE Betrayal app allows you to access all content on the phone in an easy to use format.

NAVIGATE Betrayal is a well-researched resource designed to guide betrayed spouses as they analyze what has happened, evaluate their options, and engage in a plan to more from being hurt to healed.

NAVIGATE Betrayal accepts online credit card and Paypal payments.  If needed for anonymity, we recommend you buy a reloadable prepaid Visa card.

Log into your NAVIGATE account.  Click on settings from the drop down menu.  Click billing info on the top right.  It will direct you to your Paypal or Stripe account where you can manage your automated payments and cancel your subscription.

You will be assigned a coach when you start NAVIGATE.  Send your coach a brief message through email.  If you do not want to use your regular personal email, we encourage you to create a new email to use for your communication with your coach.  Your email can use your real name if you so choose, or you can create a username if you want to remain anonymous. 
Your personal NAVIGATE program coach is not a certified life coach, but is trained to help you use the resources of NAVIGATE and coach you through the program.  She will also serve as a support person to offer suggestions and insights or identify other resources that apply to your personal situation.  

Throughout the program you will be prompted to contact your coach with various assignments.  You are also free to reach out to your coach at any time through email.  Your coach will try to return a message within 48 hours.  Usually, it will be much sooner.  
All communication with your program coach will be done through e-mail.  This approach allows us to incorporate women who want to be involved with helping betrayed women who are members of NAVIGATE, but are only comfortable in sharing through e-mail.   
Note: At scheduled times, you may be able to do live chats with members of the NAVIGATE Coaching and Contributor Team.   You may also set up phone or in person consultations with Jeannie Hannemann, Founder of NAVIGATE.

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