NAVIGATE Betrayal Production Contributors


Alexa Harbor

Media Producer of NAVIGATE Betrayal

NAVIGATE was produced under the direction of Alexa Harbor, the Director of Zechariah House of Healing. Alexa has a passion for healing hearts and has a great love for serving others through Inner Healing Prayer Ministry. She has a background in Business Marketing and Special Education and prior to joining NAVIGATE served as a missionary and spent time in religious life. Alexa's calling to serve on the NAVIGATE Team comes from her personal experience of betrayal, and the desire to help others to receive authentic, compassionate healing.

Alexa built a team of individuals who contributed countless hours to the production of this program. The team members joined because they are the walking wounded from a world that is immorally sexually saturated and wanted to be part of the solution.


Ken Stager

Media Production

Ken is a skilled engineer and business man who has led multimillion dollar international sales efforts.  He has received special healing ministry training from the John Paul II Healing Center.  Ken uses his business acumen and sales perspective to ensure the NAVIGATE Betrayal program is customer centric while using his Healing Training to ensure healing is the focus of the program.

Ken is a Family of the Americas certified NFP Instructor and led Marriage Preparation Retreats for 10 years through the Diocese of Green Bay.  He is also President of the Board of Directors of Elizabeth Ministry International and deeply involved in Zechariah House of Healing.


Denver Plett

Media Production

Denver Plett is a production specialist who not only donated his time to create videos for this project, but trained others to assist with the production of NAVIGATE. He is a talented videographer, photographer, and audio production specialist. He has been a long-time supporter of Elizabeth Ministry International.

Denver is married and has a tender soul with a large capacity for caring for others. He is dedicated to the Catholic faith and worked as the Master Control Manager at Relevant Radio. He continues to work for another radio station as an engineer while he pursues using his creative skills to serve the Lord in a variety of ways.

Michael Schmelzer, M.S.

Media Production

Following college seminary and a Masters degree in organic chemistry, Michael worked a 37-year career in the printing industry. He and Ruth, his wife of 38 years, have experienced infertility, foster parenting, and the joys and challenges of raising two adopted children, all within an intentional Christian community, the People of Praise. Michael has combined his Catholic spirituality, family experience, and technical expertise to edit and to promote Elizabeth Ministry International resources for family life and healthy sexuality, including RECLAIM Sexual Health and now NAVIGATE Betrayal.


Martina Parson

Media Production

Martina Parson assisted in the production of NAVIGATE Betrayal. She helped with everything from creating the art for the module titles to editing videos, even lending her voice to recordings used throughout NAVIGATE. Tina graduated from the University of Mary in 2014 with a degree in Pastoral Ministry and has a deep love for Christ.

Tina worked as a missionary for several years before coming to Elizabeth Ministry International as House Host and Pastoral Assistant. Her primary passions are for inner healing ministry and contemplative prayer, listening to the Lord in the silence. She accepts prayer requests at [email protected]


Shea Sawyer

Media Production
Shea is graduating with her BA in Theology from St. Catherine’s University in 2021. She spent a summer as an intern with Elizabeth Ministry International, exploring the ministry and expanding her knowledge of necessary business interactions, healing ministry, spiritual warfare, the Charismatic renewal, and the overwhelming love and mercy of Christ. It was here that her passion for healing ministry and Catholic ministries, and love of prayer, liturgy, worship music, and community flourished. 

Wesley Beyer

Media Production

Wes joined the NAVIGATE team in 2019.  The bulk of his contributions to NAVIGATE came in proofreading the transcripts for videos. He also assisted with some video editing, recording, and is a prayer warrior for the team. Before joining the team, Wes graduated from Northern Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, worked as a missionary with SPIRITUS Ministries and Totus Tuus and is currently a reporter for a small newspaper in Marinette, Wisconsin. 


Connor Schlaack

Media Production

Connor has worked as part of the editing team for NAVIGATE since 2019.  He works for a local bank and directs a Catholic men’s community in Green Bay, WI.  Jesus lead Connor to NAVIGATE through the compassionate witness of the NAVIGATE team and the Trinity’s power to satisfy the deepest longing of the human heart.  Connor spent some time in priestly formation and worked as a hospital chaplain.  His personal journey of healing and his experience in ministry nourished his desire to support the transformation focus of NAVIGATE.

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